WE DID IT … Happy Dance!

Each day for the past 366 of the 2016 Leap Year, I’ve planted a seed of light in this space. I thought this was my gift to you, but it’s been a gift for myself. I’ve focussed my attention on the light in our world and I’ve discovered that there has been lots of it. I know that if I spent every day for the rest of my life looking for light in this world, I would find it. There may be darkness in this world, but we can choose to focus on the light and with that focus we will see that it expands.

I will keep this website running for as long as possible and any who wish may revisit the light seeds I’ve sown.


Message from a Seeder of Light

I never told you how much your A World of Light images meant to me.  You showed me how to Take A Minute throughout the year. Believe me, those daily light-filled images were one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me.  They indicated what a beautiful light- filled soul you are.  How fortunate I am to know you!  With love and appreciation, — C

May the light in your heart take root and sprout up into a shining blossom.
May this light that you planted illuminate the many blessings in your life.
May it radiate into even the darkest corners of your life.
May it grow so intensely that any place you are becomes brighter because of your presence.
May your light shoot out into the world scattering seeds in all you inspire.

and so, you create … A World of Light.

© smadar 2015